Programme for the Year | The Carousel at Medavakkam, AKG Public School premises

Programme for the Year


Identify Letters A to Z Sing Rhymes with expressions and actions in English/Tamil/Hindi Listen and narrate stories Construct short sentences in English Develop fine motor skills and learn letters through sensorial tools Interacting with peers and teachers Read picture books Pre-Writing skills


Identify Numbers 1 to 10 Count and match objects to numbers Identify shapes Sizes and Comparisons Sorting with shapes, colours and patterns

Physical Development

Use of Montessori-based tools for sensory development, creative thinking, fine motor & social skills. Indoor and Outdoor playtime to develop Gross Motor skills

Social & Emotional Development

Greet teachers and elders Have strong preferences Share and Care with peer groups Follow simple classroom rules and routines Being Independent Understand harmful actions and safety rules Understand self and classroom hygiene

General Awareness

All about me Body Parts and Sense Organs All about Colours through themes Environment Care, Living things, Fruits and Vegetables, Aquatic/Domestic/Wild Animals, Flowers Seasons Transport and Community helpers Musical Instruments Healthy and Junk food


Birthdays Festivals Independence Day, Doctor’s Day, Friendship Day, Children’s Day, International Yoga Day Sports Day School Annual Day Field Trip, Nature Walk