News and Events

News and Events

29th Dec 2023

Sports day

From sprints to smiles, these young stars shine bright as they take on every challenge with joy and friendship on Sports Day

27th Dec 2023

Field trip

Kids Exploring the wonders of the ocean at VGP Marine Kingdom – where every moment is a splash of excitement.

13th Nov 2023

Diwali Celebrations

Our little shining stars decorated paper lanterns and wished everyone a Very Happy Diwali!.

3rd Nov 2023

Yellow Day

Yellow is the colour of sunshine and happiness, positivity and joy. Our kids engrossed themselves in group activities. This also developed their fine motor skills.

19th Oct 2023

Fun Learning

When Learning is fun, children discover the joy of learning. Our curriculum combines unique learning strategies, inspiring resources and innovative tools.

24th Oct 2023

Vidyarambham on Vijayadashami

The Vidhyarambham 2023 event was held on Oct 24th 2023.. The young children were seated on the lap of their parents and the ritual of ‘Akshar-abhyasam’ was performed. The elders held the hands of our small children and helped them write their first alphabets on a plate of rice grains.

17th Oct 2023

Green Day

Green is the colour of freshness, nature and energy. Children had a walk around our lush green school campus. They learned about the big banyan tree, the mango trees and shrubs.

16th Oct 2023


Children bought their favorite toys and dolls. They decorated a 3-stepped Golu for the festival of Navarathri.

9th Oct 2023

Veggies Day

Children were introduced to vegetables in a fun way. They learned to buy vegetables from a seller. They learned and admired its colours. Bitter gourd printing on paper was the highlight of the day which was also a takeaway.

18th Sep 2023

Ganesh Chaturthi

Ganapathy Bappa Moraya! Mangal Murthy Moraya! Our children chanted shlokas and enjoyed the prasadam on Ganesh Chaturthi.

12th Sep 2023


A hands-on experience in growing plants. The children sowed fenugreek and coriander seeds on a small piece of land and watered them daily. They watched them grow and learned about living things and the need for water and minerals for their growth.

6th Sep 2023


Dressed up as little Krishnas and Radhas our children transformed Carousel into Gokul for a day. Krishna Jayanthi was celebrated with grandeur!

15th Aug 2023

Independence Day

Our tiny tots honoured our freedom fighters on India’s 76th year of Independence. Our kids danced to a song in the school auditorium.

10th Aug 2023

Blue Day

Blue Day @The Carousel. Our children enjoyed learning the colour Blue through various activities. They were dressed in all shades of the beautiful colour, BLUE.

7th Aug 2023

Friendship Day

The children were introduced to the concept of a ‘Friend’ on August 5th 2023, They tied friendship bands on the wrists of their friends and coloured a ‘Happy Friendship Day’ picture.

19th July 2023

Inter-school Sports Competition

An Inter-school competition was held on July 19th, 2023 @Shraddha Khel Academy Padur. Our kids participated in the events with great confidence and won medals in all the races.

14th July 2023

Red Day

Apples, Strawberries, tomatoes…
Red is everyone’s favourite colour. It is bright and there and many fruits and vegetables in red hence kids love this colour.

Red was the first colour introduced @The Carousel and our children came decked up in various shades of red. They participated in various activities to learn the colour!

1st July 2023

Doctor’s Day

On National Doctor’s Day, our children paid tribute to doctors and nurses.

21st June 2023

International Yoga Day

Our little ones attempted simple yoga asanas on the occasion of International Yoga Day

22nd April 2023


Eid Mubarak – Dressed up in colourful traditional attire, our children coloured the beautiful crescent moon and wished each other Eid Mubarak.