About | The Carousel Asan’s Play School

About The Carousel Asan’s Play School

The Carousel is a Play School in the campus of Asan CBSE School and was inaugurated in July 2012 by our Late Chairman Sri A.K. Gopalan. The intention is to give Pre-school children the luxury of continuing their school education on the same premises right from the Play School level to Std XII if they so desire.

The Carousel has a programme designed to focus on the physical, social, cognitive and linguistic skills of the children. All learning is activity based and includes story sessions with a trained Story Narrator, outings to close-by Parks, celebration of all festivals with pomp and colour, ‘movement time’ twice a week with a trained Dance teacher and ‘take home’ activities every month. There is no progress card at the end of each term but parents will be updated with a Milestone report to give them an idea of the levels of interest and participation shown by the ward.

Housed in a quiet, secluded and cooler corner of the school, the Play School is aesthetically done up and offers the right atmosphere for tiny tots.

Why choose us?

  • A luxurious Student Teacher ratio of 10:1
  • Air-conditioned Classrooms
  • 3000 sq.Ft. of secluded Play area with ample shade
  • Water provided on the premises, both in the Splash pool & Restroom wash basins, is RO water
  • The children are visited by a trained dance teacher twice a week for “Movement Time”
  • A trained Story Teller also visits once a week with props to make the story telling session more interesting
  • All items used for Activities (paints, colour pencils, paper, glue, glitter,etc) are provided by the School.
  • Learning includes outings / picnics to nearby parks every term.